Nikelab x Oliver Rousteig

En el corazón de Malasaña (Madrid) tuvo lugar la presentación de la colección NIKELAB X OR: una serie de prendas que combinan la innovación de Nike y la visión creativa de Oliver Rousteing, trasladando la estética y el espíritu deportivo de los jugadores de fútbol al terreno urbano. Sabemos que el diseñador francés ama la silueta femenina, […]

On the road

Sometimes I have the feeling that Spanish Fashion is just like an entelechy, like a Prada shopwindow in the desert, that no one can experience. What happens when something as powerful as Prada is dragged out its conventional context? And what about confronting a symbol of the actual consumption in an uninhabited landscape? And how […]

Carmen March, the bravest.

I´ve worked in Advertising in different glamorous areas as tobacco brands, supermarkets, assurance companies, banks, and automobiles, always keeping an eye in Fashion, and wondering why they don´t invest in Communication, at least not only the biggest brands; don´t you think Communication is always necessary? Cortefiel needs were quite demanding and in the latest Advertising […]

Mad World

Sterling Cooper smells like smoke, perfume and cognac. Ideas have a long trajectory and smart executives know how to sell them. The creative people have ego, but they have brilliant minds so they´re allowed to show it. Digital treatment doesn´t exist, so as the laser printer, but executions are solved and Advertising, not only creates […]