Samuel Salcedo / Detrás de la máscara.

Samuel Salcedo (Barcelona, 1975) esculpe la metáfora del disfraz a través de personajes que ocultan su verdadera naturaleza bajo la máscara de un animal, aunque a veces también introduce otros elementos de la cultura popular que no escapan a su ironía: una bolsa de Ikea, un flotador o un casco de Darth Vader, por ejemplo. Caretas con las que hombres y mujeres juegan a transformarse, y que a veces nos llevan a lugares bastante incómodos […]

Sophie Mayanne / Life Portraits

Sophie Mayanne, 22, is a London-based photographer best known for her sensibility for portraiture and monochromatic images that unveil the truth of real expressions without impositions. The hint of what is not said will always remain in our most enduring visual memory, as she explores a creative scale that transcends the conventional, relishing honest and beautiful […]

Juliette Cassidy / The smartest thing she´s ever done

Sometimes the simplest things make the biggest statement, and you could say so just by observing how Juliette Cassidy speaks through the heart of her photographs: an overload of seduction and elegance, intimacy and sophistication. “Somehow photography got me. I guess ’cause I’m not very good at explaining ideas through words, I needed another outlet to express […]