MBFWM A/W 2013-14 Day 4 / Moisés Nieto

Taxidermy is a collection full of life and death.

Life in the autumn fallen leaves coloured in ochre and dark red. Life in the sense of warmth and comfort of being at home and the wood floor we walk on. But also life on everything that apparently seems to be dead. So death here is not understood as something determined, but a breath that is interrupted, a mineral sight that suddenly stops, capturing the essence and the spirit of that very moment; and that is later transformed and rescued, being brought back to life in different unexpected ways.

A conceptual collection, expressed in very wearable pieces. It´s great when we find that executions can even upgrade the concepts. We´ve seen light ruffles and zipped details, peplum, so as open back dresses, superpositions, ultra feminine lengths that suggest without showing and recognizable shapes as part of the firm´s identity code.

The evolution regarding past proposals is made through materials such as neoprene mixed with cotton and the reinvention of the trench, one of the hits in my opinion, so as the decadent and so elegant green velvet dress, and the original duck jewell sweatshirt. The accessorizes are another hit: necklaces that keep insects inside which are made of extraordinary integrated pieces, taken out of context such as embellished appliques for doors. And also shoes and handbags, creating the perfect look and making a stimulating contrast in vibrant colours.


Moises Detalle Gabardina

DetalleMOISES 16AbrigosMoises ParqueMoises parque 2 (1)

Moises TerciopeloMOISES 9Details Moises 2Details MoisesMoises 3
Detalles 2
Moises negro

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